Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are Deze voorwaarden zijn opgesteld in het Nederlands and translated to English


The words that are used in these Terms and Conditions, starting with a capital letter, have the meanings as defined below.

  • Terms and conditions: The current Terms and Conditions
  • Affiliate Program: The system where Products or Services are offered to (potential) members through Affiliates.
  • Affiliate: A third party or individual that advertises for the Products or Services of the Affiliate Program.
  • Payment Service Provider: A service provider for online payments. They handle payments on websites.
  • Products or Services: Each to make available, through Mad Money under the Affiliate Agreement to be delivered or delivered correctly or under the prevailing opinion equivalent product, including any Software.
  • Affiliate Agreement: Terms and Conditions, including the form and / or any other in accordance with the Terms and Conditions valid at the legal relationship between VPSCash and Affiliate declared applicable rule or expression.


Affiliate will not provide any information without prior authorization and / or provide information to third parties about this collaboration and all that goes with it, nor on the content of the cooperation or about the company and its employees. The intellectual property rights on any of the Products or Services available made available by Mad Money shall continue to vest in Mad Money or the third party that has acquired the right or (part of) these products or services available to an Affiliate.


Mad Money finds your privacy is very important and will therefore carefully handle the information provided by you. We use your information for our records and to keep you inquire about our services. Your information will not be provided to third parties. However Mad Money has under the law an obligation to provide information to authorities. VPSCash will only provide information if it is requested by a competent authority properly. You can change or retrieve your data at any time at the website


  • On the day of notification, an Affiliate must have reached the minimum age of 18 (eighteen) years. With the assumption that the user is under 18 (eighteen) years, the accumulated funds will be frozen until the Affiliate has shown to be at least 18. (eighteen) years old. Funds that have been earned by user the period when he was younger than 18 (eighteen) years will not be paid out.
  • Affiliate is not allowed to offer any Products or Services of VPSCash if the content is incompatible with local regulations. Affiliate realizes that rules outside of The Netherlands may differ from the Dutch laws.
  • Affiliate should you promote products or services to VPSCash adhere to the rules of newsgroups, forums, chat platforms or other type media. Affiliate may not promote where it's not wanted.
  • The Affiliate is forbidden to proceed to the sending of unsolicited communication / spam for promotion of products or services by VPSCash. In case of an offense, VPSCash is entitled to block The Affiliate account directly, without disbursements (current) assets.
  • Affiliate is forbidden to make misleading promotion for Products or Services of VPSCash
  • It is forbidden to promote VPSCash Products or Services VPSCash on websites that have or link to illegal content including but not limited to warez or copyrighted files.
  • The Affiliate is prohibited in the promotion of products or services of VPSCash using software with an illegal and / or misleading use. Among this software is, among other things but not exclusively, virus programs and / or spyware and dialers.
  • If the Affiliate is engaged in the promotion of VPSCash Products or Services from the category SMS subscriptions Affiliates are required to comply with all relevant laws and regulations for the provision of SMS services, including but not limited to the SMS code, Advertising Code SMS services, general Advertising code and any document or law that one of these codes of conduct and in the future will replace or expand.
  • For SMS subscriptions the Affiliate may only use the banners or promotional material provided by VPSCash. For the promotion of the Products or Services from this category, the banners or promotional material may not be modified. Also there can only be linked exclusively to the specified VPSCash landing pages, which must remain visible for the visitors. For example frames in smaller resolutions or other adjustments which a portion of the landing page or follow pages are not visible is not allowed.
  • Affiliates are forbidden to lead visitors to the affiliates web site(s) by using visible or invisible text words or terms as child pornography or words and terms of similar meaning or the same category.
  • The Affiliate is prohibited to make their own payment page (s) with any functionality that is contrary to regulations of the Payment Services Provider or local laws and regulations of the country in which the payment page applies.
  • If you as an Affiliate bring on a new Affiliate you will be eligible applied for Affiliate sales and registration via your Affiliate ID. This Affiliate ID is binding and will under no circumstances be changed or adjusted. It is not allowed to bring on to a new Affiliate that has the same address that you are residing, use the same bank account and / or the same operating website(s).
  • The Affiliate is forbidden to promote through a system where consumers get a portion of the costs reimbursed or repaid in a later stage.Special rates and discounts may be offered with the express written permission of VPSCash.
  • It is not allowed to offer products from VPSCash, whitelabels, customs of products from VPSCash via other networks like VPSCash, Affiliate networks or CPA/CPL networks, without explicit consent of VPSCash.


Mad Money is entitled at any time to terminate the Affiliate Agreement with a notice period of 2 (two) weeks. Without prejudice to any other rights, VPSCash is entitled to terminate the Affiliate Agreement with immediate effect without payment of outstanding balances in the event:

  • The Affiliate acts or acted contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Mad Money
  • The Affiliate is acting or has acted contrary to Dutch law or regulation;


  • Mad Money accepts no liability for any damage or loss by Affiliate or third party suffered as a result of the use of the services offered;
  • Mad Money shall ensure that the Partner Program is available 24 hours a day, this subject to periodic maintenance, technical failures and force majeure. Mad Money can not be held responsible for any loss of revenue or other expenses arising from it.
  • The Affiliate is responsible for ensuring compliance with all obligations under the tax laws and indemnifies Mad Money all claims relating the reto.
  • The Affiliates are responsible for the accuracy of the content of the account information.
  • Mad Money is not liable for delays and / or errors in the payment due incorrect or incomplete information.
  • Affiliate as acts contrary to Conditions Mad Money is entitled recover all costs on The Affiliate This applies to both direct costs and any loss of business resulting from this act of Affiliates.

Payment and Registration

  • When registering paying visitors, use is made ​​of the information of Payments Service Provider. This information is then presented to the Affiliate through statistics with any online feature, an online billing statement or a webmaster monitor. The data shown herein are in no way binding for final billing. Inaccuracies, or deviations from completion, costing and failures are strictly reserved.
  • If the Payment Service Provider cannot meet or wants to pay generated revenues cannot meet or wants to pay Mad Money ,Mad Money is not obligated to make a payout to the Affiliate, until a collection for Payment Service Provider is possible. Relevant correspondence between Mad Money and the Payment Service Provider will be made available on request.
  • The amount that belongs to the partner shall be paid within 30 days after the end of the month in which the invoice was received. The commission is only paid if the amount is at least 50 euro. If this minimum has not been reached the commission will be added to the next invoice.