About us

Mad Money is a fast growing partner program specialised in dating websites. This unique affiliate program was started by a small team of two experienced entrepeneurs. Mad Money stands for making fast money with your website and traffic. Because we link a user to your account when he was sent by you, you will have a lot of recurring payments and you have no risk of people making money because of your efforts.

We have managed to put the best ideas into a MAD program. A program that is fully controllable and remains working at its best even with explosive growth.

Confidential information

We assure you that all your personal details will be treated confidential. There are just a few employees within Mad Money that have access to your account information and personal information so they are able to give you full support and answer all your questions. When you make sure your password is unique, and you do not pass it on to others and you check your invoices, our techniques will make sure that any forms of scam activity on your account will be recognized and busted immediatly.

How to promote Mad Money services?

You can start right away by sending a user to one of our websites. We offer you a lot of promotion tools for each website that you can use to promote the websites. We pay you for each user that user that spends on one of our websites and clicked in through your ref link. Each ref link contains a unique ID, so we can exactly trace where the sale came from. You do not need to be an experienced webmaster to use our programma. Thanks to our promotion tools you can easily place our promotions on your website. No need to be an experienced webmaster to use our program.

Apart from placing our promo tools on your website('s), you can choose to promote your personal link in many ways. For example on forums or advertising websites. It also is allowed to promote our product through e-mail marketing. Be careful: Spam is forbidden and results in exclusion of our program.

You can use our advanced statistics to keep track of the best conversing products.

Do you have questions, remarks or need help with promoting our websites? Get in touch through the contact form or call to: 085-3035295.

We do everything that is in our power to respond within 24 hours.