Is it free to join the Mad Money program?

Yes, participating is totally free.

Is there a minimum age requirement to become an affiliate?

Yes, the minimum age required to become an affiliate is 18 years old.

When do you pay the invoice?

Payments are made every week on monday..

Can I have multiple accounts within your program?

No, this isn't allowed only in rare cases. If you have a special reason why you would want this, please contact us.

Can I use spam or other illegal methods?

No, if you get caught your account will be deleted and outstanding funds will be removed.

I lost my log in details, what can I do??

Try to recover your password through 'Forgotten Password'. If you don't succeed you can send us a mail or fill in the contactform.

Am I allowed to sell my account?

When you enlighten us and discuss it with us you can sell your account.

How does it work?

After registration you will get an account with a unique partnercode. When customers buy packs linked to this code these will be placed into your account. You are obviously the one getting commission out of these transactions.

How many websites can I promote?

You can promote as many websites as you want.

Can I promote different types of websites?

Mad Money has a lot of websites for various niches so you can always promote us and even on different websites.

How much can I earn?

As much as you want.

Where do I see my earnings?

At the Dashboard you can see your recent sales and for a more comprehensive view you go to your Statistics.

At what amount Mad Money pays out?

Every amount above 50 euro will be billed every week on mondays.

My question isn't in the FAQ, now what?

Get in touch with us through the contactform or send us an e-mail at: info@madmoney.eu